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Agile recruitment is a recruitment and selection agency which is specialized in IT and Agile professionals.
For our international clients we also have done succesfull placements in Sales and Finance.

The traditional recruitment is getting a new approach: agile recruitment! The team consists of consultants with experience in online marketing who are aware of the newest methods of online search techniques. This way specialists are able to be found and a match is attainable for positions which are difficult to fill. The network of professionals has grown over the years and partnerships have been brought in with appealing companies.

Is there more you want to learn? Are you seeking a new challenge? Or are you trying to find a new coworker?

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Agile Recruitment
Jan van Galenstraat 335
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Geplaatst op: 2023-01-30

Detachering De arbeidsmarkt voor IT-ers verandert snel en detachering kan daarbij een oplossing bieden. De salarissen zijn snel gestegen soms passen deze niet meer in het salarishuis van een onderneming. Of h...

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International recruitment services

International recruitment services

Geplaatst op: 2022-08-12

Recruitment is a tricky industry. We’re not just championing our own skills to our client but those of our found candidates as well. We put our reputation on the line with every applicant we send. So we need...

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  • Interim opdracht: Identity & Access Management specialist

    Opdrachtgever: Rabobank
  • Ingevulde vacature: IT security

    Opdrachtgever: Metrixlab
  • Ingevulde vacature: Systeembeheerder

    Opdrachtgever: Mimaki
  • Ingevulde vacature: IT systems engineer

    Opdrachtgever: Apollo Tyres
  • Ingevulde opdracht: UX designer

    Opdrachtgever: Schiphol
Opdrachtgever: Rabobank Opdrachtgever: Metrixlab Opdrachtgever: Mimaki Opdrachtgever: Apollo Tyres Opdrachtgever: Schiphol